About the Meduseld Blog

Illuminated capital - Meduseld’s blog is written and photographed by Patricia Culver, CEO of Meduseld Industries, LLC.  Patricia has governmental affairs, regulatory affairs, public relations, and farm/property management experience.  Patricia also enjoys interests such as crochet, knitting, spinning, and is an award winning fibre artist.  She is focusing those interests into a line of wool products for others who enjoy using creative and high quality wools in their projects.  

Patricia’s hobbies include baking and cooking, and she is currently trying to meld the haute cuisine of Escoffier with the carbohydrate restrictions of Paleo diets.  She also teaches cheese making classes.  Patricia has been an avid gardener for over twenty years, and she is gradually transitioning from organic gardening to permaculture. 

The purpose of the blog is to share information with others about small farming, eating and producing locally, as well as fiber arts such as knitting, crochet, weaving, etc.  We hope to be able to have guest posts from those who have skills to share, such as farming, weaving, and even bobbin lace making.  Another purpose of the Meduseld blog is to promote the products that are made here at our family farm.

Our main website is MeduseldFarm.com.