Archive | February 6, 2015

Buttercup Yarn Sale – Free Shipping Code

The last 36 hours have been tumultuous at Meduseld Farm.  Beatrice’s little darling sheep, Buttercup, went into pregnancy toxemia and her calcium levels bottomed out.  We took her for an emergency visit to the veterinarians at Mountainview Veterinarians in Keyser.  We brought her home late Wednesday evening, only to have her go into labor yesterday morning.  For all the little darling’s efforts, she could not force the baby out, even with the help of the veterinarians who came to our farm.  Back to the animal hospital last night for a c-section.  It was no wonder that she could not have the baby naturally – it weighed nearly fifteen pounds!  Unfortunately, the baby did not survive the ordeal, but Buttercup is better and on the mend, with a large 13 inch long incision on her side.

Emergency c-sections are not cheap!  We have decided to have a sale for Buttercups medical expenses.  Any purchase of yarns or other textiles like blankets, handmade shawls, etc from Meduseld’s store will enjoy FREE SHIPPING!  Please use the code:  Buttercup

Here is a link to the store!  MEDUSELD STORE


As an additional bonus, each purchase will enter your name into a drawing on February 28, 2015 for a free bottle of maple syrup!

Coupon code is good until February 28, 2015.  Thanks in advance for helping us with sweet Buttercup!