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New Sustainable Seed Coupon Code Coming Soon!

Peppers hidden in the foliage.

Peppers hidden in the foliage.

Exciting News!  Meduseld and Sustainable Seed Company are once again coordinating in order to provide YOU with another discount code for orders placed on their website!  This code will be announced in the next few days, so be sure to check back often!

From their website….

Welcome to Sustainable Seed Co. – Your Source for Certified Organic Heirloom Seeds

Since 2008, offering heirloom seeds, garden seeds, and organic heirloom seeds – non-hybrid vegetable, flower, and herb seeds.. America’s best source for for heirloom vegetable seeds, heirloom grain seeds and heirloom herb seeds.

From the beginning, we wanted to only offer heirloom seeds for one reason: they’re not only our history but our security. You can save the organic seed from the open-pollinated seeds we offer, and with the proper methods, reliably get the same plants for generations to come. We’re also a CERTIFIED ORGANIC seed farm – setting us apart from many others who only resell seed. With over 1,800 varieties for you to choose from (over 700 of them bulk seed and 600 of them organic seeds), we’re also the web’s premiere source for backyard gardeners and farmers alike.

It won’t be winter forever!


Five More Days for Free Shipping!

Meduseld has some amazing yarn, and I really can’t take the credit for it.  The credit goes to our darling sheep who raise beautiful and diverse fleeces.  As most of you know, some fleeces are long and lustrous, and others are softer and have more spring.   The Shetlands and Jacobs are known for this shorter, springier fleece and one of our ewes who provides this is Buttercup.

If you have read my blog in the last couple weeks, you know that Buttercup had to have a c-section.  The baby she was carrying was enormous – almost fifteen pounds.  Unfortunately, the baby did not survive, but the veterinarians were able to save Buttercup.

Medical procedures like that are not cheap!  In order to help offset the expenses we have offered free shipping on all orders.  Please use the code Buttercup at checkout to get free shipping.  If you encounter any problems at checkout, don’t hesitate to email me at meduseld(at)

Here is a link to the store!  Meduseld Store

Dorset Down Wool


Conservatory Winter 2015

We may have had record cold temperatures last night, but in the Meduseld Conservatory it is still paradise.  I thought our readers might like a break from the bitter cold and monochromatic landscape, and see the lush greens of the growing season.  So, if you feel like sunning like this Green Anole lizard, follow me on this pictorial tour :)

Green Anole Lizard is a resident of our conservatory

Green Anole Lizard is a resident of our conservatory


Meyers Lemon Tree Blossom

Meyers Lemon Tree Blossom


Navel Orange blossoms

Navel Orange blossoms


Jabuticaba Berries and Blossom

Jabuticaba Berries and Blossom


Thomasii Banana

Thomasii Banana


Italian Flat Leaf Parsley

Italian Flat Leaf Parsley


Herb Bed

Herb Bed

When it is too cold to work outside, working in the conservatory is perfect.  Our latest project has been adding a 700 gallon Koi pond, complete with our “Bridge Over the River Koi.” (You’ll have to be older to understand that one :) )




Here, Sloan is working on the waterfall fountain.



Please remember there are only 8 days left for Free Shipping on any order from Meduseld’s store.  Please purchase some yarn to help offset Buttercup’s c-section.  The code is Buttercup.  Here is a link to our store!  Meduseld Store

Lambs 2015

We have had some more lambs the last few days.  Here is an angelic darling born this morning.  Her mother is a Jacob-Shetland cross named Elsa, and her sire is Samson, a very friendly Romney.



Here is another photo of Aslan, who was born a month ago.  He has already grown a good deal and is looking very fit.


We have been liming the pastures and will be over-seeding them with mixed pasture grasses and legumes.  The legumes fix nitrogen in the soil and provide more diverse grazing for the sheep.  February and March are good months for doing this since with the thawing ground the animals can “hoof it in.”  In other words, the sheep’s hooves press the seeds into the ground and save us from having to till the seeds into the earth.

The groundhog saw his shadow last week, but I don’t believe him.  The birds are making spring calls outside already, and the geese have been mating on the pond.  Hoping for an early Spring :)



Buttercup Yarn Sale – Free Shipping Code

The last 36 hours have been tumultuous at Meduseld Farm.  Beatrice’s little darling sheep, Buttercup, went into pregnancy toxemia and her calcium levels bottomed out.  We took her for an emergency visit to the veterinarians at Mountainview Veterinarians in Keyser.  We brought her home late Wednesday evening, only to have her go into labor yesterday morning.  For all the little darling’s efforts, she could not force the baby out, even with the help of the veterinarians who came to our farm.  Back to the animal hospital last night for a c-section.  It was no wonder that she could not have the baby naturally – it weighed nearly fifteen pounds!  Unfortunately, the baby did not survive the ordeal, but Buttercup is better and on the mend, with a large 13 inch long incision on her side.

Emergency c-sections are not cheap!  We have decided to have a sale for Buttercups medical expenses.  Any purchase of yarns or other textiles like blankets, handmade shawls, etc from Meduseld’s store will enjoy FREE SHIPPING!  Please use the code:  Buttercup

Here is a link to the store!  MEDUSELD STORE


As an additional bonus, each purchase will enter your name into a drawing on February 28, 2015 for a free bottle of maple syrup!

Coupon code is good until February 28, 2015.  Thanks in advance for helping us with sweet Buttercup!



Eating Local and David Austin Roses

Pigs are an exception, since they can be a very dangerous animal to have around children.  We raised two pasture pigs several years ago.  We made a butcher appointment for them on the same day we found they had killed one of the newborn lambs.

Turning to the grocery stores for pork is not an option.  Eating meat from a CAFO (confined animal feeding operation) is not what we consider good nutrition.  Fortunately, there is a local farm that raises wonderful pastured pigs called Watermark Farm.  We picked our pig up this weekend from Gores Butcher and are delighted.  Last night we enjoyed this delightful pork loin cooked in mustard and Esther’s potatoes coated with butter and dill.  Beside being a wonderful meal it gave us satisfaction that we supported local families.  Additionally it reminded us how much we benefit from their hard labor.  We are grateful!

Watermark Farm Pork with Mustard Sauce

Watermark Farm Pork with Mustard Sauce

Dr. Mercola reported in his article today that the world’s top-soil will be depleted in 60 years at the rate that commercial agriculture is using it.  Please!  Support local farms that raise food sustainably!

January is the time when our mailbox fills with gardening catalogs, and it gives me such a surge of hope for Spring.  I am not a winter child and view snow and cold suspiciously.  Having lived in Brazil, I don’t see much need for the stuff.  One of the most inspiring catalogs was from David Austin Roses.  We have shown pictures of some of these stunning beauties in our garden.  This year, I am going to turn the front fenced yard into another herb garden and intersperse additional roses in these beds.  Now for the really good news!  They have a generous 25% off coupon code if you order by February 27!  It’s:


That’s it.  I don’t get a kickback or any revenue, but I do think they have lovely roses.  Go to their website for gorgeous pictures that are so heavenly you can almost smell them.  Their website is