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Catching Up

Hard to believe it has been so long since my last post.  The fall has had an unprecendented amount of work, and things are just now slowing down enough that I can sit down and touch base with everyone.

Since the Shenandoah Fiber Festival we have been schooling, canning, handling our ongoing Appeal before the Commonwealth of Virginia, having to meet with local government people about bear-dog trespassing issues, tending the sheep, internet and computer problems, getting new construction under roof, and laundry, and more laundry :)  Just today, I have already: fixed breakfast, supervised childrens’ school work, walked the power line with JAFLO to let them know what trees we’d let them cut, updated company information with the State Corproation Commission, three loads of laundry, tried to fix my computer (system restore point missing), and had to restart my internet connection three times during the time I’ve worked on this article.  And it’s only 11:30.

On the positive side, we’ve also gone hunting, had visits from some wonderful friends and enjoyed our first snow-fall – at least the children did – I won’t go out in that stuff!  Chalk it up to my time in Brazil, but I am still suspicious of anything that cold!  We also have healthy, tasty food put aside in the cellar.  We even had strawberries in our garden until November 9!

Strawberry plants in October - Mara des Bois

Strawberry plants in November – Mara des Bois

Even when physically busy, my mind is always churning on what to do with fleeces.  What kinds of rovings and yarns to get from the mill – what sorts of products to focus on for next year.  And we have lambs and maple sysrup to look forward to early next year.  I look forward to updating the store with new products as they come in, and hopefully the New Year will bring many happy new products and developments.

We started decorating the house for the holidays, and will select our tree this weekend on the Feast of Saint Nicholas.  Wishing a blessed Advent to everyone!