Archive | July 18, 2013

Meduseld on Fibretown Podcast

Meduseld was included on Emily Estrada’s latest Fibretown Podcast!

If you are not watching her podcast yet, I urge you to watch an episode.  One episode and you’ll be hooked!  Emily is engaging and skilled, and it is always inspirational to see her latest projects.

In this episode “Gifted,” Emily shows some of Meduseld’s products including maple syrup, a beeswax candle, and a custom skein of Romney in a colorway made with Emily in mind, but that happens to also match the Meduseld logo.   It is in rich gold, deep royal purple with splashes of burgandy, and Bavarian Forest green.

Meduseld Romney emily

The Romney yarn is a fun, highly dyeable yarn.  If you would like your own custom skein please email me at  Not only can I make custom lengths so your projects will have no knots, but I can dye it in custom shades.