Sheep are often private when they give birth.  This ewe, however, was bottle raised and did not mind a little company, and a little help.

At lunch yesterday I found Agatha, a Jacob X Friesian ewe, just beginning to give birth.  When I approached her the lamb’s front feet and nose were just emerging.

At this point she seemed to be having some difficulty passing the head, so I had to assist by pulling gently to get the head cleared.  From that point, delivery proceeds quickly.  It is important to slide the chest out quickly so that the lamb can take its first breath.


The lamb, another ewe, has been delivered, and is placed next to her mother, who starts to clean her.  The two are beginning to bond.


Within minutes, the lamb is alert and soon it will attempt to stand. 


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  1. Emily (Chainoffools--Fibretown podcast)
    April 23, 2013 at 10:55 AM #

    Beautiful birth and beautiful baby!

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