W eduseld is the result of the dreams of its owners, both former residents of the Washington, DC Metro area.

Desiring a safe, wholesome place to raise their children, this farm was purchased in 2000. The farm had been allowed to grow over for the preceding 35 years, unfortunately with scrubby pines and invasive species of imported plants such as mountain olives and kudzu. We have spent the last twelve years working to make this farm productive, establishing pastures, orchards, a vineyard, and buildings for the animals.

Adapting some of the principles of permaculture as taught by Bill Mollison and Sepp Holzer, we practice farming methods that enhance rather than deplete the environment. Therefore, we avoid the use of insecticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers, as we feel that all these are destructive and counter-productive..

Meduseld is nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, approximately two hours away from the Capitol Beltway and a couple miles away from paved roads. The nearest stoplight is about twenty miles away!

Meduseld is entirely family owned and run.

The view from Meduseld

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