Textiles is a broad term for items created out of raw materials.  In our case, it includes yarns, roving, blankets, and apparel that are made out of natural products such as wool, alpaca, and cotton.  We avoid synthetic products as being uncomfortable on skin and bad for the environment. 

 In the near future, we are going to be offering wool batts that can be made into pillows or used in quilting.  More professionals are hailing wool as a preferable stuffing for pillows and bedding since it equalizes temperature, and is hypoallergenic.  While people complain of the "itch" from wool, in most cases it is from sub-grade course wool or the abrasive and caustic chemicals used in commercial mills.  Meduseld uses organic cleaners for our wool, and the mill uses gentle cleaners since the mill owner has sensitive skin. 

You will notice these differences in Meduseld products.  Email us for a free yarn sample card!


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Fingering Lace Yarn - Romney - Skein
  Meduseld's Lace Weight Run is Back in Stock! Another fine example of the gorgeous ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Romney/Alpaca 90/10 - Natural Brown - Worsted
Romney/Alpaca Cross Naural Brown - Worsted   Here is another stunning example of na..
Yarn - Dorset Down/Friesian Cross - Heathered Violet
Dorset Down/Friesian Cross - Heathered Violet. This delightful yarn has shades from violet to..
Yarn - Jacob - Dove Grey - Skein
Skein of our luxurious Jacob wool in a delicate dove grey color attained by blending wool, so no ..
Yarn - Jacob - Springy - Undyed
  This yarn is a natural brown, undyed Jacob that creates a springy worsted weight ..
Yarn - Romney - 10 oz
Pure Romney Bulky wool. Look at the sheen! Drapes beautifully. Bulky yarns like this knit or ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Yarn - Romney - Worsted - approx. 200 yards
  100 percent Romney wool in all its shine! These are spun in the worsted weight and als..
Brown Alpaca Romney Yarn - Bulky
    SOLD OUT Buttery-soft and beautiful bulky yarn in an Alpaca Romney 50/5..
Civil War Moire' Corset
Teal Green Moire' Civil War Corset Here is a very fine corset.  Made with labor-intensiv..
Doreset Down/Friesian Wool - 3-ply sport
This amazingly soft yarn is made from our Dorset Down and Friesian sheep.  It is sport ..
Friesian Wool Yarn - Baby Blue
This soft yarn is made from our Friesian sheep.  It is wosted weight and dyed variegated bab..
Meduseld Romney Yarn - Monet's Winter Sunset
Meduseld's romney yarn in a sport weight.  Dyed multiple hues of blended red  with touc..
Men's Waistcoat
Men's Colonial Waistcoat In an Itanlian style Lisere' Fabric Exquisite blues interwoven w..
Prussian Blue Corset - 36-40 Bust
Civil War Style Corset Prussian Blue Silk Shell Cotton Lining Has mix of both plastic..
Romney yarn - Monet's Reflection
Another fine example of Meduseld's romney yarns! SORRY!  SOLD OUT! In sport weight, ..
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