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Spinner Alert! New Rovings!

Meduseld is still suffering from internet problems from AT&T, so keep your fingers crossed that everything uploads.  While AT&T was generous with a credit for the inconvenience for the problems caused by their tower, the situation has still not been solved.  Please accept our apologies!  Very frustrating, to say the least!

I have been admiring these lovely rovings and hoping to get them listed.  I am profiling some of the ones that are being added to our store and wish there were some way you could feel these through your screens!  They are so lovely!  They would make excellent Christmas presents, too, especially since they don’t break in shipping :)

Some of these rovings did not come from the sheep on our farm.  I have explored other sheep’s fleeces in the past in order to help decide what types to add to our flocks, and these are the results of that research. 

The first is a delightful and unusual naturally colored Shetland.  The color is called “moorit” (not by me, by the Shetland people) due to the reddish fawn tints that it has.  The animals that can produce this shade have to have specific genes for this.  Evidently, they are docile, hardy sheep.  A limited amount of this roving is available in our store here.



Shetland Roving ‘Moorit”

The next is another lovely light grey Shetland roving .  I hope the photo will do justice to the lovely subtle shading.  It is also very soft and would make a lovely worsted or bulky yarn.


Grey Shetland Wool

Grey Shetland Wool

We have four ounces of Gotland wool roving.  It is a pewter grey and has a silkier feel then you’d expect for a natural colored wool.  This has against-your-skin softness.  You can learn more about Gotland sheep at the American Gotland Sheep Society.  You can see the subtle sheen in this fibre, and even hints of warm brown.  

Gotland Wool Roving

Gotland Wool Roving


I only have the patience to load one more roving today!  This is worse than being on dial-up! 

The final one is five ounces of a sumptuous  Wensleydale.   I WANT ONE.  I mean a Wensleydale sheep.  You have to google this sheep and look at pictures of it with locks cascading over their eyeballs.  Too cute.  Well, that gorgeous high-sheen fiber is what you get in this five ounce bag of braided roving.  Toss-up if you want to spin it or just admire it :)

Wensleydale Wool Roving

Wensleydale Wool Roving

 Thanks to everyone for hanging there until these internet complications are over.

FibreTown Follows up on Jacob Roving

Emily Estrada of FibreTown, follows up on her January 30, 2013 about Meduseld’s Jacob roving.  She demonstrates the yarn and the wool hat that she has made out of the roving.   You see it in this podcast:

 FibreTown Podcast February 13, 2013

Emily discusses an upcoming prize give-away she will have when she reaches 100 members.  The prize will be Meduseld yarn.  Sincere thanks to Emily for telling everyone about our farm!

You can visit Emily’s blog at: http://fibretown.blogspot.com/, and you can find her on ravelry as chainoffools.

Here’s her St. Valentine’s Day greeting…


Chainoffools St. Valentine's Day Greeting

Chainoffools St. Valentine’s Day Greeting

We have added some more Romney roving to the store, as well as some 100 percent Romney in worsted weight.  These are soft, shiny, 200 yard skeins that weigh   3.5 oz (approx 100g) each, and are priced at only $15.00 per skein.  If you want to buy more than three skeins, please email and I will take off $1.50 per skein.  Click on the Meduseld Farm Store link to the right.


Romney yarn - 200 yard skeins

Romney yarn – 200 yard skeins

A few weeks ago, I showed everyone how to dye wool using Cushing Perfection Dyes.  One of the colors I used was a brilliant canary yellow, although they had it called “chartreuse.”  I had visions in my head of carding it with an aquamarine that I had done last year, and I thought that triple plying those would create a beautiful, springlike effect.  Well, no more….

My yarn!  Ahhhh!

My yarn! Ahhhh!

Yes!  My dog, Beowulf, had other ideas.  He took the bag of fleece off the front porch and dragged it out into the yard to play with!  Bad doggy! 

 Happy St. Valentine’s Day to everyone!


Meduseld Jacob Roving Featured in Fibretown



We were thrilled (and grateful) to learn that Meduseld’s Jacob wool was recently covered in Emily Estrada’s blog, Fibretown.  I remember Emily at the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival and I think there’s another bottle of maple syrup in her future:)  She discusses the roving and even our maple syrup at about minute 13:00.   Watch until she talks about the maple syrup!

FibreTown Video

Emily is a serious fiber artist with many skills and she profiles projects and different kinds of yarn and roving that she uses in her knitting, weaving, and spinning projects. 

She is also on Ravelry.com where she has a strong following.   On Ravelry, look for chainoffools in people or fibre town podcast in groups.

And here is a link to her blog.  http://fibretown.blogspot.com/

We still have some roving available in our store.  This particular roving was a mix of two lavender grey jacobs we have.  These two Jacobs  are also the source for Meduseld’s pale grey Jacob yarn.  Click on the link to the Meduseld Farm Store to to your right.  In the next few days, you can also find the maple syrup :)