Golden Gauze Shawl – Free Pattern

Meduseld's Golden Gauze Shawl

Meduseld’s Golden Gauze Shawl

Here is another shawl pattern that I have been asked for frequently. When I wore this shawl at the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival, someone literally offered to buy it off my back. She was even more disappointed when I told her that to my knowledge the yarn for this shawl was not available at any of the booths at the festival.

The shawl is generously sized, gauzy and light, and yet still warming. The sequins sparkle in their multitude of colors and no picture seems to do it justice. For all its beauty it’s incredibly easy to make one for yourself.


The finished dimensions are approximately 6.5 feet x 2 feet.

Materials needed are:

5 skeins of S. Charles Adele in gold (other colorways are available) click on yarn in Amazon store – will take you to Amazon where you can buy this in gold.

US 10 knitting needles

Cast on 90 stitches. Turn

k2, yarn around (brings yarn to p side), p2tog. Repeat this until end. You should end with 2 knit stitches. Turn

k2, yarn around (brings yarn to p side), p2tog….etc for the full length of shawl. It is really that easy.

By bringing the yarn around, it means a full loop around the needle bringing it to the front for the p stitches. This is more than a simple yarn over.


Notes: This shawl can be made in other dimensions. Make sure that you choose an even number of stitches that when you divide it by two gives you an odd number. For example about, 90 divided by 2 equals 45, an odd number, others examples are 50, 30, 26 etc… this provides for the two knit stitches on each side, giving you your border.




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