Archive | August 21, 2013

August Farm Update

You can tell from the reduced number of posts that we have been very busy this month at Meduseld! 


This is the primary month for harvest, and the canning and other chores cannot be delayed.  While I have been cutting apples for apples sauce, I have been thinking of blog posts and just waiting to get the time to write them.  Over the next few weeks, there will be more Meals at Meduseld, another nutritional article about sheep, and review of the fall garden wrap-up. 

We’ve wormed all the sheep again, and are attending to issues that have occurred due to the unusually high amount of rain we have had this summer.  Peaches literally rotted on the trees with the excessive moisture (not all them, thankfully).  The extra moisture in the soil can also lead to hoof problems for the sheep, so we are keeping an eye out for that as well.

I have been having fun with some recipes from Escoffier, and will post those soon as well.  Here is a teaser.


And, I will have some recipes for some of our favorite breads, and include some recipes for easy and delicious things to make out of the loaves, such as French Toast. 


Please stay tuned!