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Meduseld boy w/smoker - bees - honeyAt Meduseld, we focus on carrying on traditions. Whether it is making maple syrup, gathering honey, growing our gardens, or raising sheep, we prefer to use old-world methods. Our goal is to live in harmony with the land, as stewards of the property and the animals on it, living as Providence intended.

Our yarn is spun either at a mill or by hand here on the farm. The mill uses gentle cleaners leaving a soft yarn without chemical residues. If processed by hand, we use organic cleaners, and the wool is spun by hand on a double pedal “castle” wheel. The breeds of sheep are Jacob, Romney, Dorset Down, and Friesian, and we make yarn by breed and at times by blending their fibers. We are able to achieve a wide variety of yarns this way, some very springy, and others with drape and sheen. This allows the fiber artist to choose a yarn that is best suited for their project.

Meduseld is located between an 8,000 acre state preserve and several large forest parcels, meaning that our honey bees have access to unspoiled land for miles. The plant life is diverse, and the bees gather from locusts, clover, honeysuckle vines, and a host of other plants and trees. Therefore, our honey has a smooth, pure flavor. Our candles are made from unbleached wax, and the color varies depending on the batch, from a pale yellow, to a rich golden hue.

If you don’t know your source of maple syrup and honey, you cannot guarantee that you are getting the real product.

Our maple syrup process is done without all the machinery that corporations use, resulting in pure, small batch 100 percent pure maple syrup with a full maple flavor. We do not use any additives, corn syrup (yes, some companies use that!), anti-foaming agents, or mechanical filtration. Many store brands are only 4% maple syrup. We think you can taste the difference.

Meduseld has also started a one acre vineyard, and in the future we will offer pick-your-own grapes for people who want to make their own small-batch wine. The varieties planted include Cabernet Franc, Reisling, Gruner Veltliner, and more.

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